ALEXANDER VISCIO lives and works in New York and Vienna.  His work is more to promote doubt and instability in the psychological main frame we use to “figure things out” rather than endorse its own authenticity.


The potential for a word to metamorphoses into an abstract object is the driving force behind this body of work. Each word has the capability to function as a mould allowing the words to retain their versatility from object to tool. The act of pouring a liquid into the cavity of a word and that liquid solidifying and releasing itself from it’s host to endure as it’s own entity illustrates the phenomenon when language can be infused to give form to new structures of literary conventions.


All images © Alexander Viscio.

Alexander Viscio was also was the force and artist behind several projects, including, OS14 (Serbia Herzogovinia) and Inside Verbal Seed (Museum of Contemporary Art - Zageb) that were projects integral to SPS and had their premieres on SPS  as live feeds.


See them here:


Inside Verbal Seed


OS 14