Caterina Verde is an artist and curator.  Her work is most often presented in a cross platform of media that includes video, installation, performance, drawing, photography, editions as well as 3d objects and light works.   The focus is on issues of identity construction + constriction, referencing historical, psychological and perceptual content as well as language and its use for limitation and containing culture.


In the 1990’s, (92 - '97), Verde was the Performance Art/Hybrid Curator at The Kitchen in NYC.  Leading attendance records was a series of events called Hybrid Nights. Performers and audience occupied the space in a three dimensional way rather than a straight audience - performer directive --- the audience moved about in the space...observing and observed. Her curatorial practice also included inviting and producing artists and their projects world-wide to perform at The Kitchen.


This SPS curatorial project, aka “strange positioning systems” , began as an online performance venue with other artists as part of a global real time performance initiative.   It began at the initial invitation of Artspace in New Haven, CT.   Events have included collaborations between sps, Galerie Michaele Stock (Vienna) and MSU/Museum of Contemporay Art, Zagreb, Croatia for Alexander Viscio’s, “Inside Verbal Seed.”


Verde was also the co-founder and co-director of Antenna TV, a  public access television show featuring poets, visual artists, musicians, writers, video work and other endeavors.   More recently, an early episode  presenting David Rattray, poet and Sanskrit scholar was featured on Bomb Magazine's Bomb-site as part of an event honoring the deceased writer's work at Leo Konig Gallery.  You can see an excerpt here:


More about Caterina and her work can be seen seen on her website: